Technology Supplier

Here at Omega we believe for every application there is a practical solution. We’re not just about fancy gadgets; we’re about solutions that actually work. Whether it’s an avionics board, a custom server, or even just a label printer we’ve got you covered with tech that’s tailor-made for your industry. 

Our team is always at your service, making sure you’re equipped with the best tools to boost efficiency, amp up productivity, and stay safe from cyber threats. At Omega Business Systems Technologies, we believe in tech with a purpose – making it a driving force to help you succeed!

Commercial IT Hardware and Software 

  • Custom Manufactured and COTS Workstations, Mobile Devices, Servers, Blade Servers, & High-Performance Computers. 

  • Networking, Routing and Security Equipment.  

  • Cybersecurity Equipment

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 

  • Virtualization, Servers, Desktop, Storage

Defense & Aerospace Embedded Computing Solutions  

  • Single Board Computers 

  • I/O and communications 

  • Avionics Data buses and Software 



  • Industrial Switching, Routing, Embedded IoT, Wireless, Security and Edge Intelligence. 

  • GPS Enabled Asset monitoring, Vehicle tracking and Air and water quality monitoring. 

  • IRadar, Globalstar Satellite, GPS and radar enabled Remote Tank Level Monitoring, for ISOs, poly tanks, IBCs or frac tanks.