Omega Business Systems


Omega has established strategic partnerships with Abaco Systems and various industry-leading manufacturers to provide Embedded Computing Technology and the Value Add. These systems are subsequently implemented in a myriad of solutions in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Although we focus primarily in the Aerospace Defense arena, we also sell to customers in the Communications, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Medical, Manufacturing, and other industrial markets.

Omega is your Authorized Distributor for Abaco Embedded Systems’ high-tech electronics for aerospace, communications and industrial equipment.

Utilizing Abaco technology partnerships, government relations, and inter-Abaco relationships,

Omega provides unique solutions for your unique industry. As a Nationwide Authorized Distributor for Abaco, we make embedded computers that work in the background – controlling phone lines, airlines and pipelines. Our mission computers control the U.S. Army and the Navy’s latest unmanned aerial vehicles, and every 2 seconds, an Abaco-powered aircraft takes off.

  • Single Board Computers
  • Many-Core Computers
  • Rugged Systems
  • Applied Image Processing
  • Graphics Processing & Video
  • Sensor Processing
  • Networking
  • Avionics Databuses & SW
  • DSP & Multiprocessing
  • I/O & Communications
  • High Performance Embedded Computing


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